Sample Wiki Country Profile

What is it?

The purpose of the wiki project is to allow you to work with other students collaboratively, and to create new knowledge together. It allows you to show what you have learned in class, and to share it to benefit other class members.The wikis will then be available to everyone as a study aid for the mid term and final exams.

Your wiki should include:

1) Important aspects of the theme in your own words. You can look to the text for important events, issues, or people related to the topic. It is important that you do not copy any text word for word, but summarize. For the group project, all members of the group must contribute to the text. Because of the wiki format, your instructor will be able to see who contributed and modified what content.

CIA -The World Factbook--Chile

2) Secondary sources of information related to your subject. You can integrate these into your text.Some examples of content:
- Public domain or cited images related to your topic (ie: Flickr).
- Public domain or cited video clips related to your topic (ie: YouTube).
- Sound clips.
- A timeline of important events.
- A biography of an important figure.
- Statistics regarding the topic, organized in a table. This kind of information can be obtained from Governments or NGOs.
- Links to advocacy or political action groups.

Profile - Hugo Chavez

Madres de Plaza de Mayo